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Stationmar is Heave Motion Neutralization

Stationmar HMN-technology offers a new solution to one of the main challenges at sea, namely, heave motion. This naturally gives a more efficient, safe, and economical utilization of floating vessels.


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Stationmar key personnel has been working for over 40 years in the energy and offshore related industry with amongst

other challenges to neutralize the negative effects of heave. Traditionally the neutralization has been done on top of an already heaving platform, but why not just remove the heave altogether?

The result is Stationmar, a revolutionary system that hinders semi-submersible vessels from being impacted by the ocean waves. It means the system will neutralize the vertical movements on the vessel. This is achieved without introducing any energy in the forms of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, or other types of direct manipulation.

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Breaking news
In addition to the patent-pending systems for achieving motion neutralization of the foundation, the company has also recently filed a patent application for a "complementary" system called WALET, which is short for "Wave Artificial Lift Energy Turbine". The purpose of WALET is to generate energy also from the wave power, in addition to the wind power, so that total energy production can be increased considerably, and probably doubled, while at the same time obtaining more stable and predictable electricity production. This is done by using well-known technology that is currently used for a number of hydropower installations on land. 


Stationmar AS, organization No. 921 679 416, is a Norwegian limited liability company. The company was founded on October 8, 2018. The company is subject to Norwegian law.

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