Stationmar has gathered personnel with years of experience in practical engineering and academia to arrive at the concepts we now have developed. Besides the core team engaged by Stationmar several people and institutions have contributed with design inputs and knowledge. Up to date, three papers have been written on the design and its feasibility by renowned institutions NTNU and UNICAMP. The team besides the personnel listed below consists of mechanical, electrical, and software personnel working closely with hands-on engineering and extensive theoretical simulation and validation.

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Erik Risdal has 40 years experience in International business, he has held many positions in ABB over a period of approx. 20 years, the last position was Vice President of Business Development. For the past 20 years, Erik has run his own business, and in this capacity he has started up and operated several companies in Asia and Norway. Erik was involved in developing lifeboat production in China from 1999 to 2003, and he has traveled to and from Asia for 30 years and lived in Singapore for 7 years. Thus, Erik is well acquainted with how business life works in that part of the world, and he has a large contact base in and around China.





Erik Risdal

Ole Lindø, retired operation director Stena Drilling

Nils C Ravnaas, financial director Kruse Smith AS

Jørn Salvesen, property developer


Stationmar AS, corporate no. 921 679 416, is a Norwegian limited liability company with its head office in Evje and Hornnes municipality. The company was founded on October 8, 2018. The company is subject to Norwegian law.