Stationmar has gathered personnel with years of experience in practical engineering and academia to arrive at the concepts we now have developed. Besides the core team engaged by Stationmar several people and institutions have contributed with design inputs and knowledge. Up to date, three papers have been written on the design and its feasibility by renowned institutions NTNU and UNICAMP. The team besides the personnel listed below consists of mechanical, electrical, and software personnel working closely with hands-on engineering and extensive theoretical simulation and validation.

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Constituent management of the board



Morten Steen Martinsen

Pål Norheim
Lasse Leirfall
Per A. Vatne


Stationmar AS, corporate no. 921 679 416, is a Norwegian limited liability company with its head office in Evje and Hornnes municipality. The company was founded on October 8, 2018. The company is subject to Norwegian law.