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October 2023

  • Patent granted in US for the Stationmar core technology, the Heave Motion Neutralization system

  • Patents granted in Norway for the Sakayan concept, and for the ENPAC HMN system

  • Patents granted in Norway and Singapore for the Telescopic Floating Wind Turbine Concept

  • Article about Stationmar Walet concept in Dagens Næringsliv:


September 2023

  • Stationmar launched the WALET concept, which use wave power to double the electricity production from offshore wind turbines, either on bottom fixed wind turbines, or on floating turbines equipped with the Stationmar heave neutralization system

March 2023

  • Stationmar launches a revolutionary new concept for a bottom fixed wind turbine that can be fully assembled and outfitted at quay side (details to be provided)


July 2022

  • Start up of further engineering of Sakayan by subcontractor


June 2022


May 2022


April 2022

  • PCT patent application for Stationmar HMN published in USA

  • Filed PCT patent application for Windstar Deployer


March 2022

  • Filed patent application for ENPAC – Energy Neutral Predictive Advanced Control – for HMN


February 2022

  • Granted patent NO 346090, single column telescopic semisubmersible platform

January 2022

  • General assembly and election of new board of directors


December 2021

  • DNV issued verification of  Functional Verification Test


September 2021

  • DNV witness Functional Verification Test


Summer 2021

  • Scheduled third-party verification

April 2021

  • Filed patent application for WindJACK

  • Filed patent application for WindBUOY Deployer

March 2021

  • Notification of patent granted for telescopic spar buoy

November 2020

  • Executed concept study report for floating wind farm with Frontica Engineering 

September 2020

  • Functional verification tests started

May 2020

  • Start building scale model for functional verification

November 2019

  • Participation and speaker at Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2019 conference, London


August 2019

  • PCT patent application for geostationary floating platform filed with priority July 2018 

May 2019

  • Patent application for telescopic spar buoy filed

February 2019

  • Company capitalized

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